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Imagine 2013 – My Foray into the Marketplace


Walking into the Marketplace at the Magento Imagine 2013 Worldwide Conference was like coming down the stairs on Christmas morning as a kid. Everything I could ever possibly want for our clients was there. And even some things I had never imagined!

I was in awe of the services that were being offered. I must admit, I was a little overwhelmed at first. I had taken a lot of time to page through the booklet and read up on all the attendees. I had a plan of action so that I would get to stop by and chat with every single one of the vendors I wanted to meet. But when I walked in, all that went out the window! I took a lap or two around the room and got such a great vibe from all the attendees there that I had to stop and talk with almost everyone…

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Tips for Online Business Success


As a store owner you ask yourself a multitude of very important questions all the time and most of them deal with increasing sales and growing revenue. When I talk with store owners, I like to ask about how they’re currently reaching their customers in the technological world we live in today. Can the staff help out more and do you find any time to work on the business instead of in the business? I ask these questions because I’m sure the accountant and bankers, along with all the other so-called experts, are asking fifty other kinds of questions where it’s all about the bottom line.

Most small business owners wear many hats and are forced (for lack of a better word) to do many things they dislike which take them away from working with their customers. They’re the bookkeeper, the accountant, the banker, the rainmaker, the worrywart, the IT guy, and the marketing person all in one. It’s hard to ignore these things because after all, they are the owner…

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Magento Extension Favorite – Gift Certificates by Unirgy


I find that gift giving seems to get harder and harder each year – or maybe I just have less time to think about, much less go out and purchase, the many presents that I need to. I like to find the “right” gift for people, but sometimes I’m at a loss for what that person would like or have no clue what they already have. Thank goodness for the gift certificate! Even better, the gift certificate that I don’t have to leave my house to buy!

We find that more and more of our clients are offering online gift certificates for their customers. With Magento, this requires an added extension; and fortunately, Magento has an Extension Marketplace (MagentoConnect) that has extensions in abundance.

For gift certificates, we like uGiftCert by Unirgy. We’ve found that this extension is easy to install…

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Amazon Buys Goodreads


I am a web aficionado and a serious book reader, and Goodreads is one of my favorite websites to learn about books. The reviews from this site often provide me with the final purchase making decision. The reviews are coming from fellow book lovers, so it carries more weight with me.  This is also one of the few times where customer reviews actually mean something –  and Goodreads claims to have 29 million reviews. I suspect this is one reason why Amazon purchased them.

Goodreads is fantastic if you love books. I buy lots of books and I send books as gifts, and although many have droned on over the years that print is dead, it certainly isn’t in my house. However, lots of these books are available on the Kindle or other tablet devices. Not only that, Goodreads provides a nice drop down list where you can purchase the book. That, my friends, is how you practice good web…

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Communicating With Your Website

Website Handbook

If you really think about it, your website is just another form of communication. And for websites, that communication is really an attempt to persuade. It’s pretty simple. You reach out in a printed and visual way to tell a story to your customer about who you are and what you want your business to be. You want to make your customers happy and the first impression you make is from your website. The pendulum has swung to the digital by the unstoppable force of momentum.