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How to Pick Your WordPress Theme

How to Pick Your WordPress Theme

You’re ready to implement a website to represent your retail business online. Now that you’ve made the decision, you want to get started right away! Maybe you’re looking for something quick and easy, or you have a limited budget – so you decide to go with a WordPress themed website. Pick a theme, enter products, and double your sales – DONE! If only life were so easy.

Choosing your WordPress theme is a big decision. Your website is a reflection of your store’s personality – your brand – so you need to pick something that reinforces who you are. You’ll want the theme to have the features and functions that will meet your needs or options to get there…

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The Shopaholics Guide to Creating a Shoppable Website


Long before I started helping specialty retail stores bring their business to the web, I was considered a shopaholic by many. With the advent of online shopping, I fear my addiction only grew. I love finding new and exciting websites, cruising through new products and blogs, and of course, making a purchase here and there. So, when asked to write a new blog, it seemed only natural that I write about what I know and love – online shopping and what makes a website “shoppable.”

With new online retailers popping up every day, what is it that makes customers keep coming back to your site? Of course having the right products is a given, but if your website is difficult to navigate, slow or lacks impact, some shoppers may not even take the time to peruse your products.

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Why We Love WordPress

Why We Love WordPress

For anyone in the world of blogging or e-commerce, WordPress is a pretty much a household name. What started as a great blogging platform has evolved into a full Content Management System (CMS) that can be used for almost anything – including websites by clients like CNN, Time and UPS.

In our business of helping Specialty Retailers to bring their brick and mortar stores to the web, we love WordPress and we hear time and time again how much our retailers love working with WordPress too…