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Know the Fraud Warning Signs


Have you ever been in your retail store and something feels off? Your ears perk up and a sixth sense seems to kick in. You look around and there’s a person lurking in the corner of your store, so you start to nonchalantly head their way. They see you heading in their direction and suddenly bolt from the store. Fortunately for you, your intuition saved your store from potential loss.

Now that you have an online store, how can your intuition save you from potential online risk?

Fraudulent orders are the concern of every online retailer, particularly if you’re accepting international orders. As a service to our Modern Retail clients, we provide a Fraud Risk Score for every order received. A risk value is assessed on each order based upon set criteria…

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RICS User Conference 2013

Last week we attended and exhibited at a RICS User Conference in sunny Bonita Springs, FL. [RICS Software is a Point of Sale software vendor that we work with integrating their software with e-commerce websites for the specialty retailer.] The people were friendly, the weather was beautiful – particularly after a cold and dreary Midwest spring –and the food was phenomenal (steaks, lobster – they went all out for their conference). While I could easily fill a page on the food alone, given that this isn’t a food blog, I’ll stick to the highlights of the conference.

It was wonderful to see some of our specialty retail clients and meet potential clients. It was also great to meet a lot of the RICS’ folks that I talk to on a regular basis. It became clear to me while I was there how similar our philosophies are to RICS’s views. They really focus on how they can better serve their clients and make the experience better. That shared philosophy is probably what makes us such great partners…

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Product Descriptions That Sell

Product Descriptions that Sell

For those of you who are part of the Seineld generation (Jerry, Elaine, George & Kramer), you may remember the famous product descriptions from the J. Peterman catalog like the one above. In fact, J. Peterman is a real company that offers long, sometimes rambling product descriptions meant to create enticing stories about their products. Those creative product descriptions are a big part of their company brand.

In the world of online retail sales, product descriptions are even more important. Not only do they attract shoppers, they are vital when it comes to search engine optimization. Are your product descriptions selling for you?

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Don’t Miss Sales Opportunities. Link to Your Website.

FB Lucky 21 page

Working closely with retailers every day on their e-commerce sites, I am proud to say that most of my clients are using social networking in their regular marketing efforts. They are posting on Facebook, tweeting on Twitter, and pinning on Pinterest. Unfortunately, many retailers are missing out on a huge opportunity when they post on Facebook. They’re posting great sales, photos, announcements and products, but they’re not linking their posts back to their site.

Why is it so important? For the first time, the number of mobile users on Facebook has surpassed the number of those using Facebook on the web. CEO Mark Zuckerberg recently announced that of the 1.06 billion active Facebook users in the world, 618 million of them are visiting daily and 157 million are doing it from mobile devices…

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Reserving your Facebook “Username”


You’re about to order new business cards and catalogs for your retail store. You want to put your Facebook URL on them, but the ID is too long to fit on a 2”x3” card and looks too messy on your printed materials. Have you thought about shortening your business’s Facebook address to something simple like “”? It’s easy to remember and an important part of strengthening your brand! It takes less than five minutes of your time…