Author: Tari Fraim

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The Challenge of Gift Card Integration


Retailers know that gift cards are a great way to boost sales, increase brand awareness and attract new customers, but they also come with their challenges. With the explosion of online shopping in recent years, retailers and in turn, their e-commerce developers, have been challenged to come up with solutions that integrate the retailer’s Point of Sale (POS) gift card program with their online business…

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Making the Most of Google Places

Google Places The Blues Jeans Bar

If you’re one of the billions of people who use Google Search or one of the 97% of consumers who search for local businesses online (according to Google), you may have seen specific information about the business you’re searching for along with pictures, reviews and other details to the top right of the search results. Welcome to Google Places for Business.

Google Places is a great service that helps your business get found on Google Search and Maps – best of all, it’s free! Sign up for Google Places and whenever someone does a search for your company, your business will be highlighted at the top right of the page. You can add pictures, current business information such as location and hours, and viewers can see a map of your location as well as reviews.

Unfortunately, I’ve found that a lot of retailers don’t take advantage of this free Google service. It doesn’t take much effort and the cost (or lack thereof) is certainly not an issue…

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Flipboard Shopping

Flip It Shopping Header

How great would it be if you were browsing through your catalog or magazine and could easily purchase any product that caught your eye with a simple tap of your finger? Now you can – with Flipboard.  

What is Flipboard? Flipboard is essentially a virtual magazine that allows you to customize and share the majority of the content you view according to your interests. There is also an app that allows you to “flip” through beautiful image filled pages containing the latest news, fashion, and more on your tablet or phone. If you like the physical feel of turning a page, Flipboard allows you to thumb through each page just like a magazine…

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Pinterest Rich Pins


If social networking is a part of your online marketing efforts for your retail or other business, chances are, you’re already using Pinterest as a part of your strategy. Since Pinterest hit the web in 2010, its success has skyrocketed as a leading social networking and sharing website.

In its effort to continually evolve and improve their site, last year Pinterest introduced Business Accounts to enhance the interaction with businesses on Pinterest and then Pinterest Analytics for businesses. Now they’ve done it again by . . .