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Finding a Time Management Solution That Works for You


When it comes to owning and running a retail store and online business, we often hear that there never seems to be enough time in the day. In fact, no matter what your role is in life, time management is one of the most important skills to develop so that you can be productive and keep your sanity.

There are so many courses out there that teach you “everything you need to know” about time management, but just like our philosophy at Modern Retail (creating an e-commerce business is not a one size fits all solution), creating a solution to help you manage your time is not one size fits all either. People are inherently different, so what works for some may not work for others…

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WordPress SEO by Yoast – An Easy Guide to Getting Started

WordPress by Yoast

So you’ve spent all this money on a beautiful website, but what good is it if you’re not getting found? Search Engine Optimization (SEO) has always been this mystical science to me – and I’m certain that I’m not alone in this regard. Fortunately, if you have a WordPress site, you are one step ahead because WordPress is known for being a leading Content Management System (CMS) when it comes to SEO. And there’s more good news! There are plug-ins – like WordPress SEO by Yoast – that make it even better!

We set up our WordPress clients with the WordPress SEO by Yoast plug-in as we’ve found it to be very effective. If you’re looking for the technical how to get started, benefits and so on, read…

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Making the Most of Pinterest Analytics


I love Pinterest! I love it for personal use, was thrilled to be able to use it for business, even more excited when Pinterest came out with Business Accounts, and now they’ve done it again. They’ve recently come out with Analytics so that business accounts can now measure where their pins are successful and where they may be falling short.

Now, I have to admit, as excited that I was that Pinterest is really focusing on helping businesses be successful on their site, when it came to doing a little research on analytics, my eyes glazed over. I’m a big picture kind of person. I enjoy all things visual and creative (like writing blogs). Analytics? Not so much.

The thing about analytics though, is that they tell a story too – an important story. They create a picture…

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The Mystery of the Tag: Using Tags Correctly


When I started blogging, someone showed me how to enter my blogs into WordPress. They walked me through how to enter content, pictures, select categories and add tags. With that, I was off and running.

I published post after post, until one day, I stopped and looked at all of the tags on our site. I realized that we certainly had a lot of them (and even a couple of extra categories that weren’t used much). So, I did a little research and found that I hadn’t quite understood the business of categories and tags when I started (I speak only for myself and not our other contributors). Here’s what I found…

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Are Your Customers Receiving Your Emails? How to Avoid Being Flagged as Spam.

Spam Email

As a retailer, you want to keep in touch with your customers on a regular basis. You take the time to collect their email addresses when they check-out in your store. You give them an option to sign up for your emails on your website. Next you take the time to create a dazzling email announcing your latest sale or newest product arrivals and you hit “send.” How many customers are actually receiving your emails?

In a recent article in the Economist, they cite that the percentage of emails that are considered spam is at about 67%. While that number has dropped in recent years and continues the downward trend, that’s still a lot of customers who might not be receiving your carefully crafted email campaigns.