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Pinterest for Retailers: How to Make the Most of Pinterest


Recently, I was having a conversation with friends regarding my latest obsession – Pinterest. It’s the latest rage in Social Media, and the fastest growing social platform on the web (over 10.4 million registered users as of February 2012 according to TechCrunch). It’s also the number one site for referral traffic – more than LinkedIn, Google+ and YouTube combined! We were talking about how to use Pinterest for business purposes when another friend asked, “What’s Pinterest?”

Wow! What’s Pinterest? Since I was spending more hours on Pinterest than I cared to admit, it hadn’t occurred to me that there were people who weren’t aware of the “pinning” phenomenon. Pinterest is a virtual pinboard where you organize and share pictures and information about things that you find interesting…

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Retailers Keeping it Fresh: The Importance of Updating Your Website

Retailers Keeping it Fresh: The Importance of Updating Your Website

Look around your retail store. Does it look different today than when you first opened the doors? Have your displays or merchandise changed over time?

If you’re a successful retailer, you’re probably nodding your head that it has transformed. You’ve made adjustments based on customer demands, changing seasons, what you’ve learned and generally, to keep things fresh. Did you know that it’s just as important to update your website as often as you make changes to your physical store, if not more?

Making changes to your website and keeping it fresh is crucial to the success of your E-Commerce business…