BigCommerce Sage Integration

Work smart by integrating Sage ERP with BigCommerce.


Developers & Agencies

Are you interested in just the integration? No worries, you can purchase our BigCommerce Integrator for Sage 100 ERP Software on its own.

Modern Retail’s Integrator allows your Sage Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Software  and your BigCommerce store to share important data, so you don’t have to keep track of two different systems. Product information from your ERP system is translated so that it can be understood by BigCommerce, allowing you to edit and merchandise your products the way you want to online.


Why Modern Retail?

Having developed over 500 retail websites and over 1,300 POS and ERP Systems, we understand retail and we know what it takes to have a successful integration. Whether we develop your BigCommerce site or not, we’ll work closely with you to ensure that you have the best integration possible.

Benefits of Modern Retail’s Integrator:

While the biggest plus may be to your bottom line, there are a number of other reasons to use Modern Retail’s ERP Integrator.

  • Pulls product catalog updates from Sage and sends it to your BigCommerce store where it can be edited and merchandised into Simple or Configurable products.
  • Provide up-to-date pricing and inventory information by simply running the integrator.
  • Allows editing of information coming from your ERP system so you can describe and merchandise the products the way you want online.

The bottom line is that integrating your Sage ERP software saves you time, improves efficiencies and increases your customer satisfaction.