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BigCommerce, Modern Retail and You…a winning combination!


Building a new website can be overwhelming. From picking a theme and making it yours to adding products to figuring out how to manage your online store, it can be exhausting – especially if you’re simultaneously running a brick and mortar store! At Modern Retail, our team of project managers, designers and developers are here to make your experience smooth and help your website flourish.

Building Websites that Sell

It takes more than creating an account and picking a theme to have a successful website. Instead, you need to be thoughtful about how your website is laid out and organized to ensure the widest number of customers have a pleasant shopping experience on your site.  From the look and feel of your website, to the navigation, to the little nuances that make a great shopping experience, we’ve got you covered.


Your Team

Project Manager * Web Designer
Developer * Marketing Specialist
Customer Support

Maintaining Your Website


With BigCommerce, not only do you get a website that is beautiful to look at and customer-friendly, you also get a site that is easy to manage, update and maintain. Processing orders is a breeze and you have full control of your inventory. Modern Retail ensures that your Point of Sale (POS) or Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system is integrated with your online business, eliminating duplicate efforts and reducing the possibility of errors. The end result? An e-commerce business that is easy to maintain and fun to shop.

Growing Your Business

Maybe this is your first website, or maybe you’ve been in e-commerce for awhile. Whatever the case, Modern Retail will help you build a BigCommerce site that is perfect for your needs today with room to grow as your needs change. From technology to marketing, we offer value added-services to help your e-commerce business achieve maximum success. Either way, you’ll be trained on how to manage your site as well as have access to all of BigCommerce’s and Modern Retail’s Help & Documentation resources.


At Modern Retail, we understand that your e-commerce site is a big investment, and you can’t trust it to just anyone. We’ll take the time to understand your business, share strategies for success and working together, we’ll create a first-rate website.