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Imagine 2013 – My Foray into the Marketplace


Walking into the Marketplace at the Magento Imagine 2013 Worldwide Conference was like coming down the stairs on Christmas morning as a kid. Everything I could ever possibly want for our clients was there. And even some things I had never imagined!

I was in awe of the services that were being offered. I must admit, I was a little overwhelmed at first. I had taken a lot of time to page through the booklet and read up on all the attendees. I had a plan of action so that I would get to stop by and chat with every single one of the vendors I wanted to meet. But when I walked in, all that went out the window! I took a lap or two around the room and got such a great vibe from all the attendees there that I had to stop and talk with almost everyone…

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Magento Extension Favorite – Gift Certificates by Unirgy


I find that gift giving seems to get harder and harder each year – or maybe I just have less time to think about, much less go out and purchase, the many presents that I need to. I like to find the “right” gift for people, but sometimes I’m at a loss for what that person would like or have no clue what they already have. Thank goodness for the gift certificate! Even better, the gift certificate that I don’t have to leave my house to buy!

We find that more and more of our clients are offering online gift certificates for their customers. With Magento, this requires an added extension; and fortunately, Magento has an Extension Marketplace (MagentoConnect) that has extensions in abundance.

For gift certificates, we like uGiftCert by Unirgy. We’ve found that this extension is easy to install…

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Converting Sales with One Step Checkout

One Step Checkout Header

Have you ever waited so long in line at a store that you set your merchandise down and walked out the door? Have you seen a new cashier struggling with a problem with the customer five people in front of you and decided it wasn’t worth the purchase? It happens online as well every day. In fact, one of the biggest problems these days for online retailers is shopping cart abandonment. Fortunately, for Magento users, One Step Checkout (OSC) offers an extension that can help.

While we love Magento and think it’s one of the best open source platforms out there, without an extension offering this type of functionality, customers would have to go through up to six different screens to input information for shipping, billing, payment information and more, increasing the chance that a shopper may leave the process…

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Automatically Copying Configurable Product Information to Associated Products in Magento

Automatically Copying Configurable Product Information to Associated Products in Magento

Magento is arguably one of the best storefront platforms on the planet. However, entering and configuring products, especially when your catalog is integrated with your in-store point of sale system, is not easy. We believe we have simplified the process of adding products to Magento by developing a handy little extension that automatically copies down configurable product information to their associated simple products.

Magento’s simple and configurable products provide a world of flexibility for retailers, allowing them to sell and merchandise their products how they see fit. However, retailers are busy and often need to enter products …

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Magento Worldwide Conference: imagine eCommerce 2012

Magento Worldwide Conference: imagine eCommerce 2012

From the moment I arrived at this year’s Magento conference, I immediately sensed this conference was different. Maybe it was the buzz of Vegas or maybe it was the feeling of kinsmanship among the speakers, attendees and staff. I knew it wasn’t going to be the typical session after session of “look what we can do”,”how great are we”,”blah, blah, blah.” It was more about me than Magento, Roy Rubin, Bob Schwartz or any of the partners or vendors at the show. The strength of Magento’s strong community and giving people the sense they belong to a tight-knit, passionate group of leaders was evident everywhere …