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Marketing is Time, Money and Desire

Marketing is time, money, desire

When talking with retailers they often ask for advice around marketing and developing a marketing plan. However, I find it impossible to give any advice until I listen to the retailers and get a better understanding of three important factors: time, money and desire.

The hard truth of online marketing for specialty retailers is there is no silver bullet and one-size certainly does not fit all. Over the years I’ve found people approach online marketing very differently. Some people understand a certain cost exists to “acquire” online customers, while others refuse to spend a dime on marketing…

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Are Your Customers Receiving Your Emails? How to Avoid Being Flagged as Spam.

Spam Email

As a retailer, you want to keep in touch with your customers on a regular basis. You take the time to collect their email addresses when they check-out in your store. You give them an option to sign up for your emails on your website. Next you take the time to create a dazzling email announcing your latest sale or newest product arrivals and you hit “send.” How many customers are actually receiving your emails?

In a recent article in the Economist, they cite that the percentage of emails that are considered spam is at about 67%. While that number has dropped in recent years and continues the downward trend, that’s still a lot of customers who might not be receiving your carefully crafted email campaigns.

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Email Marketing: Simple Rules for Success

Email Marketing Success

While our business is building e-commerce sites for specialty retailers, we’ve prided ourselves in the fact that we don’t stop there. We make it our business to understand all aspects of the retail world, from soup to nuts. One area that has been a challenge for our retailers is email marketing. Unlike many of the big-boxed retailers, our retailers often don’t have the budget to hire someone to focus solely on their marketing efforts. They often have to find the time and come up with content on their own – while running their business at the same time.

For years we have been teaching our clients how to send effective email marketing campaigns and below we’ve compiled a list of simple rules for success…

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SendGrid: Revolutionizing Email Delivery

SendGrid Image

Since 1998 we’ve sent email from our application using our own, very reliable, SMTP servers. And while it has worked great, it is nowhere near as robust as SendGrid, a cloud-based email delivery and management service whose goal is to increase delivery and improve customer communications.

SendGrid has revolutionized the delivery of email from our applications because it allows us to know what happens to each and every email that leaves us. Was the message undeliverable because the email address was invalid? Did it bounce for some reason? Did the consumer mark it as Spam? SendGrid will tell you this and much more about every message sent from your application.

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Email is Marketing: Using Your Email Address to Reinforce Your Store Brand

Email is Marketing: Using Your Email Address to Reinforce Your Store Brand

As a business owner, if someone gave you the option to promote your brand daily with little or no extra cost or effort to you, would you do it? It’s surprising the number of retailers and other businesses who miss this opportunity every day by continuing to use free email services such as Gmail, AOL, Yahoo, or other similar providers for their primary email address. Every time you send an email or someone grabs your business card with your generic email address (ex., you miss out on the opportunity to reinforce the brand that you have worked so hard to build…