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Get Ready to Crush the Holidays and Migrate to Google Shopping by Knowing your Feed

Google-shoppingYou have less than one month to make the transition to Google Shopping.  While you can just use the migration tool to move from Products Listings Ads to Shopping Campaigns, this is a perfect time to review your current feed and create a strategy for Google Shopping.  At the heart of Google Shopping is your product feed.  The products in your feed, and the attributes associated with each of your products in your feed, drive the potential sales and profitability from Google Shopping…

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Google Search Update, Retailers Must Do Content Marketing Now!

Boost SEO with original content
On Wednesday, Google announced the release of Panda 4.0, which I’m sure to most of you means nothing at all. However, as a retailer you need to be aware of the changes Google is making, and more importantly, what to do about these updates. Retailers who continue to ignore the importance of content marketing will likely see their sales decline over the coming months and years…

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Making the Most of Google Places

Google Places The Blues Jeans Bar

If you’re one of the billions of people who use Google Search or one of the 97% of consumers who search for local businesses online (according to Google), you may have seen specific information about the business you’re searching for along with pictures, reviews and other details to the top right of the search results. Welcome to Google Places for Business.

Google Places is a great service that helps your business get found on Google Search and Maps – best of all, it’s free! Sign up for Google Places and whenever someone does a search for your company, your business will be highlighted at the top right of the page. You can add pictures, current business information such as location and hours, and viewers can see a map of your location as well as reviews.

Unfortunately, I’ve found that a lot of retailers don’t take advantage of this free Google service. It doesn’t take much effort and the cost (or lack thereof) is certainly not an issue…