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Marketing is Time, Money and Desire

Marketing is time, money, desire

When talking with retailers they often ask for advice around marketing and developing a marketing plan. However, I find it impossible to give any advice until I listen to the retailers and get a better understanding of three important factors: time, money and desire.

The hard truth of online marketing for specialty retailers is there is no silver bullet and one-size certainly does not fit all. Over the years I’ve found people approach online marketing very differently. Some people understand a certain cost exists to “acquire” online customers, while others refuse to spend a dime on marketing…

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The Importance of POS Integrations with Marketplaces Such as Google, Amazon, Etc.

Amazon Shopping

At Modern Retail, we’ve been integrating with a variety of Point of Sale (POS) systems for a long time now. Over the years, we’ve noticed that while retailers often recognize the operational benefits of integrating their Point of Sale (POS) business with their online store, the marketing benefits are often overlooked. Yes, integrating your store’s POS system will allow you to easily manage your website’s inventory and prices, but did you know the same data can be vital for online marketplaces such as Google Products and Amazon?

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The Best Google Analytics Apps

The Best Google Analytics Apps

Google Analytics (GA) is one of the most important weapons in your website arsenal. Watching and keeping up with the analytics of your site can be fun and beneficial to your online business. If you’re unfamiliar with what GA does: basically, it will track your visitors, how long they were on your site, what pages they went to (page views), how they found your site, and what key words got them there. To learn in-depth about GA go to click here. These days, most people have an iPad or an iPhone handy for when they’re on-the-go. Below are two “Really Cool” iOS apps that will help you keep up with your Google Analytics anywhere, anyplace, and anytime.

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Search Engine Optimization for Retailers

SEO Optimization

I often get asked by retailers: “How do I show up higher in the free part of Google?”

Showing up higher in Google’s organic search results can seem unobtainable to many retailers. When seeking help, they are often met with a dizzying array of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) terms, HTML code and language that’s completely unrelated to their field of expertise – selling goods to consumers. I have to admit, I’ve seen first-hand the impact a “good” SEO company can have on a retailer’s business. However, if you are unable to find, or don’t have the budget for reputable SEO firm, know that there are things you can do on your own to improve your search engine ranking…

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Google AdWords: Succeeding with your Brands

Google AdWords

Online marketing can be a daunting task. How do you get the most bang for your buck, especially with a tight marketing budget? Google AdWords is one of the most popular, yet often misunderstood, online marketing avenues out there. Succeeding with Google AdWords is a lot easier than you might think and can provide a great return on investment, IF it’s used correctly.