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Marketing is Time, Money and Desire

Marketing is time, money, desire

When talking with retailers they often ask for advice around marketing and developing a marketing plan. However, I find it impossible to give any advice until I listen to the retailers and get a better understanding of three important factors: time, money and desire.

The hard truth of online marketing for specialty retailers is there is no silver bullet and one-size certainly does not fit all. Over the years I’ve found people approach online marketing very differently. Some people understand a certain cost exists to “acquire” online customers, while others refuse to spend a dime on marketing…

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Product Descriptions That Sell

Product Descriptions that Sell

For those of you who are part of the Seineld generation (Jerry, Elaine, George & Kramer), you may remember the famous product descriptions from the J. Peterman catalog like the one above. In fact, J. Peterman is a real company that offers long, sometimes rambling product descriptions meant to create enticing stories about their products. Those creative product descriptions are a big part of their company brand.

In the world of online retail sales, product descriptions are even more important. Not only do they attract shoppers, they are vital when it comes to search engine optimization. Are your product descriptions selling for you?

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ShopTab: Easily Post Your Products on Facebook


ShopTab is an easy to use service that helps you post your products on Facebook. This no-nonsense website allows you to submit your product catalog to Facebook using one of the following formats: CSV, XML, Google Product or Amazon. Once uploaded, ShopTab takes over and sends your products to Facebook but gives you control over how they are displayed and formatted.

I especially like how you can display your products in a grid format and have control over various options like inclusion of Pinterest and Twitter icons, as well as allowing consumers to post comments directly on their Facebook wall….

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The Importance of POS Integrations with Marketplaces Such as Google, Amazon, Etc.

Amazon Shopping

At Modern Retail, we’ve been integrating with a variety of Point of Sale (POS) systems for a long time now. Over the years, we’ve noticed that while retailers often recognize the operational benefits of integrating their Point of Sale (POS) business with their online store, the marketing benefits are often overlooked. Yes, integrating your store’s POS system will allow you to easily manage your website’s inventory and prices, but did you know the same data can be vital for online marketplaces such as Google Products and Amazon?

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Google Products No Longer Free

Google Products No Longer Free

On May 31, 2012, Google dropped a bomb on specialty retailers announcing it would start charging stores for listing their goods on Google Products (also known as Google Product Search). While I understand the need for Google to make money, I completely disagree with this approach.

Rewind 10 years and you’d hear a much different story from Google. Google started what was then called Froogle as a way to offer unbiased product listings to consumers. All stores, big and small, could submit their products to Google…