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Photography Q&A: Tripods & Models


Q. Do I use a tripod for shooting live models?-from an apparel retailer

You’re going to have to hold the camera vertical and move your body up and down to get the shot. If you used a tripod for this type of shooting it would take forever to get one shot and way too much work.  Your Nikon D300 and lens will make the job very easy.

Q. When do I use a tripod?-from an apparel retailer

You will definitely want to shoot live models WITHOUT using a tripod.  You’ll quickly get the hang of it once you do it. You will use a tripod shooting accessories like footwear, jewelry, handbags, etc. because you will probably drop the shutter speed so low you’ll need a tripod to hold the camera steady.  I never…

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Photography Q & A: Shooting Tips

Photography Q and A 3

Q. Knowing that I have the Nikon D300 and a 70-300 lens, do I shoot in manual mode? Please tell me where you normally start with the settings for fstop, shutter speed, iso, etc. I just wanted a starting point for both the model photos and accessory photos.

Your fstop will be determined by how you adjust the strobe lights once the strobe is triggered.  With strobe lights you will now have two sets of controls to really get it perfect. 

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The Photographic Principal – Rule of Thirds


As a photographer, I’m a follower of the Rule of Thirds principle when shooting images of any kind. This rule absolutely applies to your website – especially if you shoot your own home page and look-book photos – as they will give you well-composed images rather than ones that are cluttered and disorganized. So what exactly is the rule of thirds and why should you use it?

The rule of thirds isn’t a new concept. The history of this rule began a couple of hundred years ago and was first written down in 1797 by John Thomas Smith in his book Remarks on Rural Scenery. In his book, Mr. Smith stated…

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Photography Q & A: Camera and Backdrops

Photography Q & A

Q- I have the Nikon D300 and a 70-300mm lens or do I need a different lens? Would you buy a paper backdrop or invest in cloth backdrop? We want it to be big enough to cover the floor as well. Any sites that you use to buy backdrops? We want to buy locally, but they might not have the color that we need. – from an apparel retailer

The Nikon D300 is a BEAUTIFUL camera and more than sufficient! Wow. . . ! Nice choice. Use the 70-300mm lens…