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Photography Q & A: Lights and Backdrops

Photography Q & A

Q- I am looking for input on equipment that we plan to get. We need to buy lights and a backdrop or two. We probably need to wait on the web design before we know what color of backdrop, but we are thinking of arctic white.  Any thoughts on lighting or backdrop colors? – from an apparel retailer

You wouldn’t want your backdrop to dictate your web design.  The backdrop should really be non-existent and all the focus for your photos should be on the models wearing your clothing. The backdrop creates consistency with your images so they always look the same for every image on every page of your site…

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The Instagram Impact 2: Getting Started with Instagram for Business

Instagram for Business

Last week’s blog, The Instagram Impact, gave an overview of Instagram, the photography based social media app that has hit the social networking scene with a big bang. This week, you’ll find information on how to get started along with a few tips for getting the biggest impact for your business with Instagram.

Getting Started

Getting started doesn’t take a lot. Keep in mind that it is an app for a mobile device. You’ll need an iPhone or Android based phone (or tablet) to use Instagram. Install the app on your device and get started. Just to be safe, I tested it out on a personal account before I tried it out for business. Following are a few key items for getting started…

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The Instagram Impact

shoe biz instagram

I admit it, I’m a big Facebook fan and I’m passionate about Pinterest, but now there’s a new social media kid on the block and I am only just beginning to imagine the impact of Instagram. Up until recently, I saw it as more of a fun, silly app where you could take pictures on your phone and share with family and friends. But lately I’ve been hearing about it more at work (Modern Retail) and seeing how our retailers are using it from a business perspective, so I had to do a little research and get the scoop.

What exactly is Instagram?

It’s a free photo-sharing app and social network that allows people to share their life through photos. Available for free from the iTunes App Store or Google Play, Instagram allows you take a picture with your phone or tablet, add a fun filter to give your photo an instant “artsy” appeal, and then share…

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Product Photography for Retailers

Allison Kuehn2

For retail business owners, one of the biggest obstacles for making the decision to join the e-commerce revolution is product photography. Retailers can often justify other expenses when adding a website to their business arsenal, but when it comes to photography, they use this as a reason to stay away from selling their products online.  Being in the e-commerce business and a photographer myself, I understand this. But if you’re looking for ways to grow your business, e-commerce is the road to take; and taking great product images is a big part of being successful.

At Modern Retail, we understand the concerns of retailers. Obtaining product images from your vendors is not always an option and it’s often time consuming waiting for the vendor to send you their images. Some retailers see incredible websites with amazing images; which makes them believe that they will never be able to accomplish that look and feel on their website and they quit before they even start. And since no business owner wants to see bad images on their website, some business owners choose to stay away all-together. Let’s face it, photography can be expensive and becoming proficient is tough because so many variables come into play – lights, camera, skills, software, models – who has the time and the money for all of that?

The truth is that good product photography is not impossible and it’s not that difficult either…

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E-Commerce First Hire

First Hire

You’ve got your website up and running, now who is going to update content and maintain it. It can be nerve racking for retailers to figure out who they should hire as the first person to help them run their e-commerce business. Honestly, it’s a big commitment and it’s very easy to hire the wrong person.

If you partner with a company like Modern Retail, technical and programming tasks will most likely be taken care of. However, if you run an ad for a “web site developer,” you may find the wrong people at your door. Instead, gear your search for something more specific to your business; for example look for someone who can help you…