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Google Search Update, Retailers Must Do Content Marketing Now!

Boost SEO with original content
On Wednesday, Google announced the release of Panda 4.0, which I’m sure to most of you means nothing at all. However, as a retailer you need to be aware of the changes Google is making, and more importantly, what to do about these updates. Retailers who continue to ignore the importance of content marketing will likely see their sales decline over the coming months and years…

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WordPress, The Perfect Content Management System for your E-Commerce Website

WordPress Content Management System

Content Marketing: The New SEO

Search Engine Optimization has evolved over the last few years and traditional SEO, for all intents and purposes, is dead. Replacing SEO is Content Marketing, which frankly is what I’m doing right now with this blog article. The general idea is to write about topics and subjects that you’re passionate about or have deep rooted knowledge. As you write about these topics, people will naturally gravitate to them and refer others to your work. Google will pick up on these links and interactions and reward you by ranking you higher in their search results. Now that you understand Content Marketing, my guess is you’re probably asking yourself how it applies to your e-commerce website. In a nutshell, it is everything. As a retailer, you need to write and blog about things that interest you. This could be trends for the spring, an interview with a new designer that you love or the latest trunk show you had in your store. Your customers will appreciate your point of view and Google will reward you by ranking your content and website higher.

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WordPress SEO by Yoast – An Easy Guide to Getting Started

WordPress by Yoast

So you’ve spent all this money on a beautiful website, but what good is it if you’re not getting found? Search Engine Optimization (SEO) has always been this mystical science to me – and I’m certain that I’m not alone in this regard. Fortunately, if you have a WordPress site, you are one step ahead because WordPress is known for being a leading Content Management System (CMS) when it comes to SEO. And there’s more good news! There are plug-ins – like WordPress SEO by Yoast – that make it even better!

We set up our WordPress clients with the WordPress SEO by Yoast plug-in as we’ve found it to be very effective. If you’re looking for the technical how to get started, benefits and so on, read…

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Marketing is Time, Money and Desire

Marketing is time, money, desire

When talking with retailers they often ask for advice around marketing and developing a marketing plan. However, I find it impossible to give any advice until I listen to the retailers and get a better understanding of three important factors: time, money and desire.

The hard truth of online marketing for specialty retailers is there is no silver bullet and one-size certainly does not fit all. Over the years I’ve found people approach online marketing very differently. Some people understand a certain cost exists to “acquire” online customers, while others refuse to spend a dime on marketing…