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Take Charge of Your Online Marketing

marketing-successEarly in my career I received some really good advice from a co-worker regarding how to succeed which was to “take charge of your career.” He told me that I, and I alone, was responsible for my career. He went on to explain that our boss was there to provide guidance and direction, but was not responsible for advancing my career. This advice stuck with me, and I believe it applies to retailers and online marketing. As a retailer, you must take charge of your online marketing initiatives because no one has as much vested interest in your livelihood than you…

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Flipboard Shopping

Flip It Shopping Header

How great would it be if you were browsing through your catalog or magazine and could easily purchase any product that caught your eye with a simple tap of your finger? Now you can – with Flipboard.  

What is Flipboard? Flipboard is essentially a virtual magazine that allows you to customize and share the majority of the content you view according to your interests. There is also an app that allows you to “flip” through beautiful image filled pages containing the latest news, fashion, and more on your tablet or phone. If you like the physical feel of turning a page, Flipboard allows you to thumb through each page just like a magazine…

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Pinterest Rich Pins


If social networking is a part of your online marketing efforts for your retail or other business, chances are, you’re already using Pinterest as a part of your strategy. Since Pinterest hit the web in 2010, its success has skyrocketed as a leading social networking and sharing website.

In its effort to continually evolve and improve their site, last year Pinterest introduced Business Accounts to enhance the interaction with businesses on Pinterest and then Pinterest Analytics for businesses. Now they’ve done it again by . . .

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Making the Most of Pinterest Analytics


I love Pinterest! I love it for personal use, was thrilled to be able to use it for business, even more excited when Pinterest came out with Business Accounts, and now they’ve done it again. They’ve recently come out with Analytics so that business accounts can now measure where their pins are successful and where they may be falling short.

Now, I have to admit, as excited that I was that Pinterest is really focusing on helping businesses be successful on their site, when it came to doing a little research on analytics, my eyes glazed over. I’m a big picture kind of person. I enjoy all things visual and creative (like writing blogs). Analytics? Not so much.

The thing about analytics though, is that they tell a story too – an important story. They create a picture…

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Marketing is Time, Money and Desire

Marketing is time, money, desire

When talking with retailers they often ask for advice around marketing and developing a marketing plan. However, I find it impossible to give any advice until I listen to the retailers and get a better understanding of three important factors: time, money and desire.

The hard truth of online marketing for specialty retailers is there is no silver bullet and one-size certainly does not fit all. Over the years I’ve found people approach online marketing very differently. Some people understand a certain cost exists to “acquire” online customers, while others refuse to spend a dime on marketing…