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Communicating With Your Website

Website Handbook

If you really think about it, your website is just another form of communication. And for websites, that communication is really an attempt to persuade. It’s pretty simple. You reach out in a printed and visual way to tell a story to your customer about who you are and what you want your business to be. You want to make your customers happy and the first impression you make is from your website. The pendulum has swung to the digital by the unstoppable force of momentum.

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Don’t Miss Sales Opportunities. Link to Your Website.

FB Lucky 21 page

Working closely with retailers every day on their e-commerce sites, I am proud to say that most of my clients are using social networking in their regular marketing efforts. They are posting on Facebook, tweeting on Twitter, and pinning on Pinterest. Unfortunately, many retailers are missing out on a huge opportunity when they post on Facebook. They’re posting great sales, photos, announcements and products, but they’re not linking their posts back to their site.

Why is it so important? For the first time, the number of mobile users on Facebook has surpassed the number of those using Facebook on the web. CEO Mark Zuckerberg recently announced that of the 1.06 billion active Facebook users in the world, 618 million of them are visiting daily and 157 million are doing it from mobile devices…

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The Instagram Impact 2: Getting Started with Instagram for Business

Instagram for Business

Last week’s blog, The Instagram Impact, gave an overview of Instagram, the photography based social media app that has hit the social networking scene with a big bang. This week, you’ll find information on how to get started along with a few tips for getting the biggest impact for your business with Instagram.

Getting Started

Getting started doesn’t take a lot. Keep in mind that it is an app for a mobile device. You’ll need an iPhone or Android based phone (or tablet) to use Instagram. Install the app on your device and get started. Just to be safe, I tested it out on a personal account before I tried it out for business. Following are a few key items for getting started…

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The Instagram Impact

shoe biz instagram

I admit it, I’m a big Facebook fan and I’m passionate about Pinterest, but now there’s a new social media kid on the block and I am only just beginning to imagine the impact of Instagram. Up until recently, I saw it as more of a fun, silly app where you could take pictures on your phone and share with family and friends. But lately I’ve been hearing about it more at work (Modern Retail) and seeing how our retailers are using it from a business perspective, so I had to do a little research and get the scoop.

What exactly is Instagram?

It’s a free photo-sharing app and social network that allows people to share their life through photos. Available for free from the iTunes App Store or Google Play, Instagram allows you take a picture with your phone or tablet, add a fun filter to give your photo an instant “artsy” appeal, and then share…

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iPads Make Great Kiosks

Retail iPad Kiosk

In the past, a lot of retail stores have tried using kiosks without much success. In my opinion, kiosks in retail spaces have never really worked all that well as they tended to be clunky, not very user-friendly with terrible interfaces, ancient graphics and confusing menus. Additionally, developing an in-store kiosk has typically been outside the reach of most specialty retailers due to the cost. Luckily this is no longer true. You can quickly and easily create a kiosk using an Apple iPad