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RICS User Conference 2013

Last week we attended and exhibited at a RICS User Conference in sunny Bonita Springs, FL. [RICS Software is a Point of Sale software vendor that we work with integrating their software with e-commerce websites for the specialty retailer.] The people were friendly, the weather was beautiful – particularly after a cold and dreary Midwest spring –and the food was phenomenal (steaks, lobster – they went all out for their conference). While I could easily fill a page on the food alone, given that this isn’t a food blog, I’ll stick to the highlights of the conference.

It was wonderful to see some of our specialty retail clients and meet potential clients. It was also great to meet a lot of the RICS’ folks that I talk to on a regular basis. It became clear to me while I was there how similar our philosophies are to RICS’s views. They really focus on how they can better serve their clients and make the experience better. That shared philosophy is probably what makes us such great partners…

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Magento Imagine 2013 Conference, The Art of Commerce


After attending this year’s Magento Imagine Conference, it is easy to see why Magento is the fastest growing e-commerce platform on the planet. Sure Magneto is a very powerful and extendable system, but in my opinion that’s not what makes Magento such a tour de force. Instead, it’s the thriving community Magento has built and the passionate people behind the platform.

Just now as I’m sitting in the cafe of the hotel writing this blog someone came up and introduced himself. Your initial thought is probably, “Sure what is he trying to sell you?” Yes, there’s certainly people here pushing their wares, but there’s a genuine desire to collaborate and connect with people…

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Imagine 2013 – My Foray into the Marketplace


Walking into the Marketplace at the Magento Imagine 2013 Worldwide Conference was like coming down the stairs on Christmas morning as a kid. Everything I could ever possibly want for our clients was there. And even some things I had never imagined!

I was in awe of the services that were being offered. I must admit, I was a little overwhelmed at first. I had taken a lot of time to page through the booklet and read up on all the attendees. I had a plan of action so that I would get to stop by and chat with every single one of the vendors I wanted to meet. But when I walked in, all that went out the window! I took a lap or two around the room and got such a great vibe from all the attendees there that I had to stop and talk with almost everyone…

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Magento Worldwide Conference: imagine eCommerce 2012

Magento Worldwide Conference: imagine eCommerce 2012

From the moment I arrived at this year’s Magento conference, I immediately sensed this conference was different. Maybe it was the buzz of Vegas or maybe it was the feeling of kinsmanship among the speakers, attendees and staff. I knew it wasn’t going to be the typical session after session of “look what we can do”,”how great are we”,”blah, blah, blah.” It was more about me than Magento, Roy Rubin, Bob Schwartz or any of the partners or vendors at the show. The strength of Magento’s strong community and giving people the sense they belong to a tight-knit, passionate group of leaders was evident everywhere …