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Where to Draw the Line on Your POS and Website Integration?

The Line Between POS & E-Commerce Website

When integrating your POS or ERP system with your website you’re most likely looking to connect at least three key data points: products, orders and customers. The question becomes, “What is the POS system responsible for and what should be done in the e-commerce platform?” Meaning, what data should be managed in the POS system and what data should be managed in the e-commerce platform? This article will try to address this question.

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Closed Point of Sale Systems Need to Change

I had an interesting conversation with a frustrated potential customer which I wanted to share. He was frustrated because his point of sale system, which I will not name here, is closed and will not let any 3rd parties read and send data to it. This is problematic for this customer because this set up does not allow him to implement a “best of breed” technologies and solutions. Instead, he is forced to pay for and use the products offered exclusively by his point of sale provider, which together, he explained, are marginal at best. I shared with him that “closed systems” are simply not where the market is headed. In fact, Modern Retail is seeing the complete opposite trend where POS system is open by nature…

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RICS User Conference 2013

Last week we attended and exhibited at a RICS User Conference in sunny Bonita Springs, FL. [RICS Software is a Point of Sale software vendor that we work with integrating their software with e-commerce websites for the specialty retailer.] The people were friendly, the weather was beautiful – particularly after a cold and dreary Midwest spring –and the food was phenomenal (steaks, lobster – they went all out for their conference). While I could easily fill a page on the food alone, given that this isn’t a food blog, I’ll stick to the highlights of the conference.

It was wonderful to see some of our specialty retail clients and meet potential clients. It was also great to meet a lot of the RICS’ folks that I talk to on a regular basis. It became clear to me while I was there how similar our philosophies are to RICS’s views. They really focus on how they can better serve their clients and make the experience better. That shared philosophy is probably what makes us such great partners…

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The Importance of POS Integrations with Marketplaces Such as Google, Amazon, Etc.

Amazon Shopping

At Modern Retail, we’ve been integrating with a variety of Point of Sale (POS) systems for a long time now. Over the years, we’ve noticed that while retailers often recognize the operational benefits of integrating their Point of Sale (POS) business with their online store, the marketing benefits are often overlooked. Yes, integrating your store’s POS system will allow you to easily manage your website’s inventory and prices, but did you know the same data can be vital for online marketplaces such as Google Products and Amazon?