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Website Usability: Don’t Try to Make Every Customer Happy

When it comes to designing websites, I often work with retailers who come to the table wanting every feature possible and all the bells and whistles they can imagine! While it may sound ideal, think again.

I believe you need to design a website that 90% of your customers will absolutely love. If you can get another 5% to like your site, then you’re doing even better. Unfortunately, 5% of your visitors won’t like your website and modifying your design or changing the functionality of the site to accommodate this group is often a mistake. In fact, this remaining 5% is where I see retailers make most of their mistakes…

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Dead End. . . ? Not so fast.

Dead end

Dead End! I love those spooky little words! Much has been written using them over the years. Those words have been used in novels, movies, poems, signs, etc. In your mind, it’s usually raining and dark and foggy on a cold and lonely road when your car lights illuminate the black and yellow sign and it’s right then that you know something terrible is about to happen. There’s always a dark shadowy figure lurking in the mist as a raven flies overhead. The music in your head is eerie and creepy. Dead end.

Take the word “dead” for instance. It literally means – no longer living – but there are at least thirty-five different variations to this word where it refers to something other than life ending. “Dead End” really has more than one meaning. It’s also slang for “the end”, where you’ve run out of options. Dead end is very similar to reaching the end of your rope…

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The Rise of Intolerance, Deal with It or Die

Man yelling at computer

Is it just me or has the world become a lot less tolerant with technology? Don’t get me wrong I think technology has been overly complex for years. Simple tasks like connecting to a wireless network or setting up a printer used to be excruciating. While these tasks are relatively simple now, I’ve noticed more and more people are getting upset over almost every snag or inconvenience these days.

Take for example Apple’s new mapping feature in iOS6. Consumers are ripping Apple apart because it lacks some of the features, and admittedly, doesn’t work as well as Google Maps did in iOS5. Things have gotten so bad…

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Zendesk: Love Your Help Desk


There is nothing sexy or romantic about help desk software but I’m in love with Zendesk. As the person responsible for support I need to stay on top of what’s going on within our organization and make sure our clients are happy. I also need to be able to disseminate and share information quickly to both our customers and employees. Zendesk helps us do that plus much more.

For years we used an internally developed help system, and while it was good, it didn’t provide the features, flexibility and robustness of Zendesk…