SEO is Nearly Dead. Content Marketing Lives.


If you haven't heard this yet, I'm sorry I have some bad news for you: SEO is nearly dead. That's right, the traditional way of thinking of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) no longer exists. Yes, you can still modify the title of your website pages and write a description, called a meta tag description, but this will only get you so far.

Beware of Google Panda Changes

Since early 2011 Google has been modifying the criteria that are used to display search results and have placed a lot more emphasis on the content you are adding to your website. This must be original content created by you and your store that shows up in your blog, product pages and other areas of your website. This is not content that can be copied from your vendor's site, but instead must new content that is exclusive to your website. I recently blogged about Google's recent Panda update which I encourage you read: Google Search Update, Retails Must Do Content Marketing Now!

Editing Existing Content Does Not Give You Good SEO

I know there are companies clinging onto the idea that they can improve their search engine ranking by simply modifying the existing content in your website. While this was true circa 2011, it is simply not true today. Today you must blog and write about topics that inspire you. You need to voice your opinion and point of view. Google, and other search engines, will pick up on your contributions to make the world better and will rank you higher for those topics that you're passionate about.

Find What Works for You

I realize this is bad news for many retailers because, let's face it, there are very few of us who love to write. For me, it has been a painful, almost agonizing journey to write and blog on a regular basis. However, I now find it thoroughly enjoyable to blog and write about topics I find interesting. I go to my favorite local brewery, order my favorite stout or porter and blog away. I understand this approach may not work for everyone, and that's ok. Find what works for you! If you absolutely refuse to write, then you should read: Retailers, Get Employees and Customers to Blog For You.
Hopefully with the right environment, you'll come to enjoy blogging as much as I do!