Approach & Commitment

Our pledge to our clients and partners.

Dedication, Passion & Trust

We like to roll up our sleeves and dive into projects full force, making sure we have covered every detail and have no unanswered questions. We have been doing this a long time, since 1998, but our light still burns bright because we simply love what we do. Don’t get us wrong, sometimes it can be downright crazy. But at the end of the day, there’s nothing else in the world we’d rather be doing. We view our relationship with our clients and partners as a marriage based on trust and communication. We’ll listen intently when you speak, and we’ll do our very best to give you advice that will improve your business.

Committed to Transparency

At Modern Retail, we’re committed to transparency and believe it’s the only way to develop lasting relationships. What does that mean? We’re up front regarding all aspects of our business so you can make an educated decision if our services are right for you. We don’t hide behind layers of management or technology; instead we choose to be open and approachable in everything we do.

Project Management

Our transparency starts with how we run your project – and it doesn’t matter if you’re a one-man show or have a hundred locations. Every project is assigned a project manager – yes, a real human being – and given access to our project management tool called BaseCamp. Our clients love being able to work in a collaborative environment where all participants’ views and opinions are openly expressed and shared.


Our openness does not stop once your website or integration is up and running! After you go live, all questions, issues and requests are tracked in our Support Request System from Zendesk. Please go ahead and ask your questions, let us know if you’re having problems and what you think about our services – we’re listening. And of course, every ticket is accessible to everyone at your business, forever!

Performance & Security

We closely monitor all aspects of your website infrastructure to make sure it performs extremely well with as little downtime as possible. We’re downright fanatical when it comes to security because, in today’s world, hackers are the new mafia. Let’s face it, problems do arise, but we believe it is far better to be open and honest about any issues or downtime, and then work diligently to prevent them in the future.


No one likes to be surprised when it comes to the cost of goods and services. Most of us loathe the idea of buying a new car because we do not have the time or energy to haggle over pricing with the dealer. We feel the same way at Modern Retail and are very up-front about our pricing. We believe we have solutions for every sized retailer, no matter how big or small you are, and work hard to make sure you’re outfitted with the right solution so you can be successful and profitable. For us, there is simply no other way to do business.

The Right Partner

If you have read this far, you now know what we’re about at Modern Retail. If you want a website that meets your needs and goes beyond what you even considered, we’re your team. If you are interested in integrating your POS or ERP system, we’re your team. If you want a partner who you can collaborate with, one who’s willing to be an open book and share experience and knowledge with, one who’s in it for the long haul, we’re your team.

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