ShipStation & Modern Retail Change the Delivery Game


Today, we’re shining a spotlight on one of our trusted partners of many years: ShipStation. ShipStation is an amazing tool, making it easy for retailers to manage all orders on just one platform. This is especially important for retailers with a huge shipping output and multiple distribution centers, as it allows them to organize and store orders in one place– ShipStation.

ShipStation Logo

What is ShipStation?

Retailers with multiple locations can have a difficult time shipping products to all of their customers. They need to cross-check inventory in their point of sale system with the items being ordered, and may even have to contact their other stores to get product to their main store for optimized order fulfillment. While a warehouse can simplify the fulfillment process, it can sometimes leave inventory forgotten on the shelf. ShipStation is working to combat these struggles, and bring peace to your order and delivery management.

ShipStation is quickly becoming a powerhouse in the shipping industry, integrating with over 70 e-commerce websites– including Shopify, BigCommerce, WooCommerce, and Modern Retail’s Order Management System. Their integration makes it possible for retailers who are selling on multiple channels by allowing them to do their order fulfillment in one place, ShipStation. Instead of contacting a bunch of different carriers, you can compare and choose carriers directly from ShipStation’s website, and have access to their incredible rates for top carriers. ShipStation also allows you to print packing slips for customers, picklists for carriers, and manage returns, all on their website.

Another feature that ShipStation offers are Warehouses. Through ShipStation, retail employees are able to only see the orders that need to be filled for that specific location, or that Warehouse, and don’t have to wade through a sea of different orders to find the ones that they can fulfill. This helps to cut down on incorrect orders, and lighten the workload for employees.

Modern Retail and ShipStation

So where does Modern Retail fit in? ShipStation is a great tool for retailers, and with Modern Retail’s Order Management System, it can work even harder for you. Modern Retail’s Order Management system communicates with your POS system to access your inventory, sends it to all the channels you use to sell your products (Shopify, BigCommerce, WooCommerce), and then takes those orders and routes them to the correct Warehouse for processing. The best part? Once a retailer is signed up with ShipStation, all of this can happen automatically, for every online order.

Want to learn more about our integration with ShipStation? Check out this in-depth video outlining the nitty-gritty of shipping with ShipStation and Modern Retail, or contact your project manager for a demo. Modern Retail is proud to be partnered with ShipStation, and we look forward to integrating with you!