Theatro: Innovating Internal Communication


With technology growing and becoming smarter every day, virtual assistants like Siri, Alexa, and Google are finding a place in almost every home. Whether it’s setting a timer or settling a debate, these virtual assistants add small and large conveniences to our lives every day. Modern Retail’s new partner takes all that knowledge and puts it in the ears of your associates. Retailers have been using earpieces equipped with radios for years, but not quite like this.

Introducing Theatro, a service that revolutionizes the way for retailers to communicate internally. Theatro’s voice-recognition mobile communication platform has been helping retailers since 2011, allowing every associate worker to stay connected to managers, inventory, pricing, and each other at all times.

With Theatro, you’re not just talking to your coworkers, you’re talking to highly advanced software that has the power to provide you with information on demand.

Theatro and Modern Retail

Based in Dallas, Theatro is an innovator of interpersonal communication in the world of retail, and Modern Retail is thrilled to be working with them. Modern Retail and Theatro work together so that retailers can have up-to-date information on every product they sell, whether that’s price, amount of stock, or even the exact location of that item in the store. Once your business is hooked up with Theatro, Modern Retail’s API is able to take all of your inventory data (price, stock, store/warehouse locations) and have it on hand for when your associates ask for it. With just a click of a button and their voice, they can answer just about any question a customer might have.

Theatro is incredible for retailers with multiple locations and lots of associates. Sunshine Ace Hardware is a hardware store with 12 locations, and each one uses Theatro. According to associates, Theatro has been amazing for enhancing group communication– in-store and across all other locations, as well as being handy for price-checking items for customers. With Modern Retail’s API and Theatro’s integration, Sunshine Ace Hardware has ramped up communication, organization, and productivity.

Integrate with Theatro

Could your business benefit from utilizing Theatro? To find out more, contact your project manager, and see how much Theatro can improve the functionality of your workplace for you, your associates, and your customers.