Account Management



Account Management is an essential function of any business to business (B2B) website. If you’re trying to integrate your point of sale (POS) or enterprise resource planning (ERP) system with your website, you’re going to need Account Management. Modern Retail’s Account Management allows you to take customer accounts from your POS or ERP system and associate them with the same customers logging in to your website, thereby giving them secure access to their business information.

Account Summary

Business customers love to be able to log into your website to get a summary of their account. Modern Retail’s Account Summary feature allows your customers access to the status of their account, including their current credit limit, balance due, and credit available.


Users & Roles

The heart of Account Management is the ability to set up Account Contacts for the business users who’ll be accessing your website. Defining these contacts controls which business users have access to which account from your POS or ERP system. This association is important because without it, it would be impossible for people logging into your website to be correlated with your POS or ERP system.

You can also assign one or more customers as an Administrator. This allows your customers to self-manage who in their company has access to your B2B website. This is extremely helpful, because it allows your customers to add and remove employees, removing the burden of you having to manage the user accounts for your customers.

Finally, you can easily revoke access to your business accounts by simply changing your customer’s status.


Sales Reps

Do you have internal sales reps who are responsible for your various business accounts? Wouldn’t it be nice to assign these reps to accounts, so your customers know exactly who to contact when they want to place an order? Well, Modern Retail allows you to do just that – with our B2B integrations, you can assign sales reps directly to your business accounts.

Admin Panel

All Account Management features are accessible from Modern Retail’s Admin Panel, which acts as the nerve center for any and all services we provide you. It’s simple to access, and allows you to perform a variety of functions at the touch of a button. For our Account Management service, you utilize all the features described above (assigning sales reps, allowing or forbidding access, viewing client accounts, etc.) from anywhere you have internet access! You can also access our support system there anytime you need, letting you quickly get in touch with a real human member of our support staff.


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