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Buy Online Pickup In-Store (BOPIS)

Whether you have one or a hundred stores, Modern Retail has the Buy Online Pickup In-Store (BOPIS) solution for you. Modern Retail will work with you to add enterprise-level BOPIS features to your website.

These features show customers your on-hand inventory from your various stores and allows them to select their desired pickup location. Salespeople in your stores are immediately notified via email of the new BOPIS order for their store. Your store’s staff will have no problem picking these orders using Modern Retail’s easy to use and elegant Admin Panel.

Customers are constantly kept up to date on the status of their orders via email and can even receive a printed receipt when they pick up their order.

Order Management

Curbside & In-Store Pickup is part of the suite of products, called Order Management. It works hand-in-hand with Local Delivery, Shipping & Drop Shipping, and Distributor Integrations. You’ll be amazed how easy and seamless these features work together to create an amazing experience for your customers. You’ll also be delighted at how easy it is for your staff to use our Order Management System to manage your online orders and communicate with your customers.

Today, customers are in control, and you need an Order Management System that’s powerful enough to handle their crazy demands. Requests such as when a customer decides they want their order delivered or shipped, instead of them picking it up in-store, are no trouble with Modern Retail’s Order Management system. We have you covered no matter what complexity your customers throw at you!

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Buy Online Ship to Store (BOSS)

Retailers and suppliers are embracing Buy Online Ship to Store (BOSS) more than ever. BOSS lets your customers buy goods online and have them shipped directly to your store by your distributor. This approach is often a win for everyone. Customers win because they get offered a wider selection of products on your website that you might not otherwise carry. Retailers win because it allows them to make a sale without having to carry the inventory in stock. And your suppliers win, of course, because they get the sale and are likely already shipping goods to your store.

Modern Retail’s Ship To Store feature tracks inventory from your suppliers, so your website knows exactly which products are available to BOSS. We can help you connect your website to multiple distributors and can route orders to these suppliers based on your business rules. Prefer to draw from in-store inventory first and only provide BOSS when you do not have the product in-store? No problem! Our rules engine can handle it!


Admin Panel

BOPIS and BOSS would not be possible without Modern Retail’s Admin Panel. The Admin Panel automatically pulls in website orders and directs them to the correct store. Staff members at that location log into the Admin Panel to see which orders need to be fulfilled from their store. Customers are constantly updated on the status of their BOPIS or BOSS orders via email.


Elegant Design

Modern Retail has spent countless hours making our Admin Panel interface understandable and easy to use.  Our goal is to create the best possible experience for both your customers and staff members.  Nothing complicated, just a clear and simple way of moving orders through the process.


Public & Private Comments

Need to send an email message to the customer regarding the status of their order? No problem! The Admin Panel also allows you to create private messages for your staff members, allowing everyone to be kept up to date during shift or employee changeovers.



How do you handle the transfer of orders to another store or service? Easy with our built-in Transfer feature!


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