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Customer Pricing

Modern Retail can help you navigate the complexities around showing product pricing for your customers. Customers logging into your B2B website often expect to see the pricing they’ve established with your sales department.

However, those prices are likely stored in your point of sale (POS) or enterprise resource planning (ERP) system, not on your website. Modern Retail can help you get the relevant prices from these systems to “talk” to your website, so your business customers can see their specific pricing when they view your online catalog.


There are two approaches to showing product pricing on your website, Tiered Pricing and Contract Pricing.

Tiered Pricing

Tiered or group pricing is a common approach many companies use with their customers. It involves putting customers into specific tiers, and assigning discounts to these groups. For example, you could have a bronze tier that gets 5% off, a silver tier that gets 10% off, and a gold tier that gets 20% off. Modern Retail records these groups and handles the communication with your website, so customers receive their product pricing when they log into your website.


Contract Pricing

Contract pricing is also referred to as customer-based pricing, because it fluctuates from customer to customer. In these cases, your POS or ERP system is likely the only authority when it comes to pricing products for your customers. Modern Retail can help you grab the “real-time” price of products from your POS or ERP system and show it on your website. This allows business customers to see their contract pricing directly on your website.


Modern Retail can help you with your complicated challenges around customer pricing. Please Contact Us and we’ll have one of our experts discuss your customer-based pricing requirements with you.


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