Distributor Integrations

Leveraging Supplier Inventories

Distributor & Supplier Integrations

New age retailers have two primary goals when it comes to their customers: provide products they demand and get them these products in a manner of their choosing. This is a tall order, especially for retailers who have limited inventory and no warehouse.

Integrating directly with your suppliers may be your answer. Doing so allows you to sell everything in your distributor’s warehouse on your website, without needing to have the inventory in-stock. Customers browse for these products on your website, just like they were shopping for the items in your store. They can mix-n-match products from your in-store inventory and supplies in one shopping experience. If the product is coming from your supplier, the customer can elect to pick it up in-store, have the order delivered to their home, or possibly even have it drop shipped directly from your distributor. We can even give the customer an estimate on when the product will be available to be picked up in-store or shipped to their home.

Order Management

Distributor Integrations is part of the suite of products, called Order Management. It works hand-in-hand with Curbside & In-Store Pickup, Local Delivery, and Shipping & Drop Shipping. You’ll be amazed how easy and seamless these features work together to create an amazing experience for your customers. You’ll also be delighted at how easy it is for your staff to use our Order Management System to manage your online orders and communicate with your customers.

Today, customers are in control, and you need an Order Management System that’s powerful enough to handle their crazy demands. Requests such as when a customer decides they want their order delivered or shipped, instead of them picking it up in-store, are no trouble with Modern Retail’s Order Management system. We have you covered no matter what complexity your customers throw at you!

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Once the order is placed, Modern Retail’s Order Management tools automatically split the order and route it to your distributors for fulfillment. We can also tell your suppliers if the order needs to be shipped to your store for in-store pickup or drop shipped directly to your customer. These decisions can be made on a product-by-product basis, allowing some products to only be picked up in-store, while others are only allowed to be shipped.


Orgill is one of the fastest-growing independent hardware distributors in the world. If you sell lumber, hardware, or tools, you are likely already using Orgill as a supplier for your store. Modern Retail can help you integrate with this massive hardware distributor, allowing you to leverage a seemingly endless amount of inventory. Don’t have the drill your customer wants in-stock? No worries, Orgill does, and they can have it sent, so your customer can pick it up in-store or shipped directly to their home.


Sports South

Sports South is the largest single-source distributor of firearms, ammunition, and accessories in the United States. An integration with Sports South allows your online customers to make purchases directly from Sports South’s inventory. Orders from Sports South are either shipped to your store so they can be picked up by your customers, or to a Federal Firearm License (FFL) dealer. Modern Retail not only displays the Sports South inventory on your website, we also automate placing the order with Sports South. Sports South even lets us know when orders have been shipped, so we can update your customers.


Other Distributors

Not working with one of these suppliers? No worries, get us in contact with your distributor, and we’ll figure out the best way to do the integration. Our experienced team of developers will work to integrate your distributor with your website, allowing even niche or unique options to be explored.

Admin Panel

Modern Retail’s Admin Panel is what makes the integration with your distributor possible. It’s the tool your staff members use to see how orders are being routed to your various distributors and suppliers. It also lets you know when these orders are being picked up in-store, delivered locally using your truck fleet or delivery service, or when they are being shipped or drop shipped. You’ll never be out of touch with your customer’s orders with Modern Retail’s Admin Panel.


Order Details & Status

Your customer service reps will appreciate the simplicity of Modern Retail’s order status screen. They will never be in the dark regarding the status of the customer’s order and where it is in the order pipeline. This one screen allows them to monitor and manage the entire customer’s order, even allowing your rep to transfer it to another supplier or send the customer an email.


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