Order Management

Order Management System

Savvy retailers know they need to sell products to customers based on their needs and wants. No longer do consumers just want to shop in your brick-and-mortar store, or have goods shipped to them at home. They want to order a new shirt while having lunch with a friend and swing by your store on their way home to pick it up. They may want to order a bag a dog food and have it delivered, so it’s sitting there when they get home from work. Consumers are in the driver’s seat now, and you either give them what they want, when they want it, or they’re going to go elsewhere.

Modern Retail’s Order Management System was built from the ground-up to handle the modern-day needs of retailers. This includes being able to route orders to your multiple stores and warehouses, whether it’s an in-store pickup order, local delivery, or shipment. Don’t have the product in inventory at all, but need to get it from your supplier? No problem! Modern Retail can place an order with your distributor and have the item shipped to your store or shipped to the home of your customer (drop shipped). Additionally, you get to decide which products are available for each of these services, and at what cost. Maybe you sell fancy outdoor grills, and can offer free delivery and setup, but need to charge a fee for lower-priced items. Our technology can easily handle that, as well as any number of additional customizations you need to accommodate your exact situation.


Rules Engine

You may be asking yourself: how in the world do I manage the flow of orders? I have to contend with in-store pickup orders, local deliveries, shipping from multiple stores and warehouses, and multiple distributors and suppliers. Moreover, I can’t deliver some products, while other products can only be picked up in-store, some can only be dropped shipped, while others have to come directly from my supplier so they can be shipped directly to my customer’s home. On top of all this, there might be completely different delivery and service charges for each, making everything even more complicated.

This is where Modern Retail’s power Rules Engine comes to the rescue. You can create Rules for just about anything. You get to decide which items are available for in-store pickup, local delivery, or shipping. Not only that, but you can also set costs and priorities for each. Want to sell items out of your in-stock inventory first, while others come directly from your supplier? No problem. Endlessly customizable and completely versatile, our Rules Engine puts control in your hands.


Transparent Inventory

Knowing how much inventory you have on-hand has always been essential to retailers. All point of sale and enterprise resource planning systems will do this for you. However, in today’s environment, you need to know the inventory of your suppliers and distributors as well. Modern Retail can help you manage all these various inventory sources, allowing customers to place orders against your inventory or the inventory of your suppliers.


Admin Panel

Modern Retail’s Admin Panel is the center of our Order Management System. All online orders flow through the Admin Panel so they can be directed to stores for in-store pickup or local delivery, your warehouses or stores for shipping, or your distributors for ship to store or drop shipping. It acts as a mission control center, making sure your online orders always follow the correct path and trajectory.


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