B2B Payments

Giving your business customers the option to buy goods on credit is a tactic as old as commerce itself. Customers love to make purchases against their credit line for the goods and services you provide. They also like the convenience of sending your payments. Doing both these activities from your website has traditionally been difficult, and integrating this information with your point of sale (POS) or enterprise resource planning (ERP) system has been an almost non-existent option. Not anymore! Modern Retail can help your customers place orders online using their line of credit from your POS or ERP system, while helping you receive payments from your customers directly on your website.

Charge on Account

Extending a line of credit to customers is a common business to business practice. Typically, your POS or ERP system keeps track of the credit limit, balance due, and available credit for each customer. Modern Retail can help you synchronize this information with your website, so customers know exactly where they stand with your company.


Payment Collection (Coming Soon)

Giving customers the ability to pay their bills online is good business. Everyone wants to work with companies that make interaction easier, and customers love the power to transact with you on their terms. Collecting payments from your customers is no different. Customers want to easily be able to send you money when it convenient for them, day or night.


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