PIM System Integrations

Easing the Burden of Selling Products Online

Product Information Management (PIM)

A Product Information Management (PIM) system helps retailers and distributors sell their goods online by automatically populating key attributes about the products you sell. With a PIM integration, you are no longer burdened by writing names and descriptions of your products, uploading images, and figuring out how they should be categorized on your website. Instead of having to manually enter all that data, your PIM integration does all of that for you automatically, and more!

A PIM system can also add other attributes to your products such as brand names, product dimensions, search keywords, taxonomy, UPC, manufacturer number, etc. All these values can automatically be updated on your website via an integration with a PIM system.



Unilog is one of the largest PIM systems in the industry right now. Unilog’s sophisticated product information management system frees up valuable company resources by automating the population of your online catalog, and no catalog is too big or complex for Unilog. They can also help you normalize your data across all of your suppliers and distributors, allowing you to present product information consistently to your online shoppers.


Sports South

Sports South is unique because it’s both a PIM system and the largest single-source distributor of firearms, ammunition, and accessories in the United States. This one-stop not only helps you get the products you need, but also populates the product data and images automatically on your website. If you sell firearms, arrows, bows and sporting goods, you’re likely already working with Sports South. Now, Modern Retail can help you automate the population of these products on your website, even further boosting your efficiency.


Other PIM Integrations

Not working with one of these companies? No worries, get us in contact with your PIM system, and we’ll figure out the best way to do the integration. Our experienced team of developers will work to integrate your PIM system with your website, so even unique or niche options are on the table.


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