Local Delivery

Utilizing Store Trucks & 3rd Party Services

Local Delivery


Modern Retail's Local Delivery feature is a fantastic choice for anyone trying to manage local scale delivery on a tight deadline. Optimized for both businesses using their own trucks, and anyone who wants to utilize a third party service, Local Delivery lets you compete with businesses like Amazon, Chewy, or Home Depot.

Our Local Delivery feature utilizes our versatile "Rules" architecture, which can be modified and managed from the Modern Retail Admin Panel. You can determine delivery radius, which products can and cannot be delivered with local delivery, and the price for local delivery on different products. Everything is completely customizable, and Modern Retail will help with your initial configuration.

No matter the scale of your business, you deserve to be able to compete with the giants. Use Modern Retail's Local Delivery feature to do just that, and offer your customers the rapid delivery service they need, at prices you control.

Order Management

Local Delivery is part of the suite of products, called Order Management. It works hand-in-hand with Curbside & In-Store Pickup, Shipping & Drop Shipping, and Distributor Integrations. You’ll be amazed how easy and seamless these features work together to create an amazing experience for your customers. You’ll also be delighted at how easy it is for your staff to use our Order Management System to manage your online orders and communicate with your customers.

Today, customers are in control, and you need an Order Management System that’s powerful enough to handle their crazy demands. Requests such as when a customer decides they want their order delivered or shipped, instead of them picking it up in-store, are no trouble with Modern Retail’s Order Management system. We have you covered no matter what complexity your customers throw at you!

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Roadie offers a same-day delivery service in many cities across America. Unlike traditional shipping companies, Roadie utilizes a network of local drivers who will come to your store and deliver goods to your customer.

The easiest way to explain Roadie and their approach is to compare them to Uber. Instead of picking up people like Uber does, Roadie’s driver network is called upon to deliver goods to your customers locally.

Roadie allows your store to leverage the scale of its extensive driver network, so you can get your products to your customers as fast as possible! Read more.


FedEx SameDay® City (Coming Soon)


FedEx SameDay ® City utilizes the same FedEx trucks and service you’ve come to depend on to deliver your packages. However, instead of delivery packages around the globe, FedEx SameDay ® City delivers them across town. FedEx SameDay ® City is available is currently available only in select cities in North America and is a great choice if your business services these areas.


Admin Panel

Modern Retail’s Admin Panel makes it easy for your staff members and truck drivers to manage your local deliveries. The Admin Panel can be connected to one or more 3rd party delivery services, or even be used in combination with your own fleet of vehicles. This approach allows you to utilize your store’s fleet of delivery trucks, while simultaneously utilizing services from like Roadie and FedEx. You can even offer free delivery when the store’s trucks are used, or pass along the fees of 3rd party services. The choice is yours, and Modern Retail will help you configure the Admin Panel to meet your specific needs.


Elegant Design

Modern Retail has spent countless hours making our Admin Panel interface understandable and easy to use. Our goal is to create the best possible experience for both your customers and staff members. Nothing complicated, just a clear and simple way of moving orders through the process.


Public & Private Comments

Need to send an email message to the customer regarding the status of their order? No problem!

The Admin Panel also allows you to create private messages for your staff members, allowing everyone to be kept up to date during shift or employee changeovers.


Transfer Orders

How do you handle the transfer of orders to another store or service? Easy with our built-in Transfer feature!


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