Gift Card Integration

Creating Omni-Channel Experiences

Gift Card Integrations

Retailers have been clamoring to get their in-store gift cards integrated with their website so they can offer the same opportunities to their customers as the big chain stores. They also want their online customers to be able to buy gift cards online, and use them in-store. Luckily, Modern Retail has stepped in to solve this problem with an omni-channel gift card experience.

Selling gift cards online also affords retailers an important revenue stream, and locks consumers into future purchases from your store. Meanwhile, customers love gift cards because they are often the perfect gift for their family and friends. It's a win-win for everyone!


Gift Card Redemption

Modern Retail works with your website team to integrate our gift card technology directly into your shopping cart and checkout process. This allows customers to redeem in-store gift cards online.


Selling E-Gift Cards

Modern Retail will also help you sell E-Gift Cards from your website. These E-Gift Cards automatically get emailed to your customers, but are also natively registered in your point of sale system. This allows these E-Gift Cards to be easily used online, as well as in-store.


Sender, Recipient, & Delivery Dates

Modern Retail’s Gift Card Integration can also collect the sender and recipient’s name and email address, allowing E-Gift Cards to be sent directly to the intended friend or family member. Customers can also control the date that the E-Gift Card is sent, making it easy to prepare for a birthday or holiday.


Supported Point of Sale Systems

Unfortunately, not every point of sale (POS) system can support a gift card integration. Currently, Modern Retail can implement gift card integrations for the following POS systems:

  • Counterpoint
  • Epicor Eagle
  • Lightspeed
  • Tri-Tech AIM (coming soon)

Please feel free to Contact Us if you don’t see your POS system listed. We’d love to get one going for you if we can.

Admin Panel

Modern Retail's Gift Card Integration can be managed from what we call the Admin Panel, the nerve center for any services or integrations we provide. The Admin Panel can be accessed from anywhere you have internet, and it’s mobile friendly to boot. 

For our Gift Card Integration specifically, you can use the Admin Panel to monitor all the E-Gift Cards you've sold, right down to when they were purchased, who bought them, and the last time they were used. Additionally, you can use the Admin Panel to see how much money is left on any given E-Gift card, or when one expires. Finally, you can also easily re-send the email a given E-Gift card is sent with, allowing you to quickly and easily respond to any customer requests to do so.


You can also view in-depth usage statistics for your gift cards, detailing how many have been redeemed, are currently in use, or are expired. Not only that, but all the information detailed above is easily downloadable as an XLS or CSV file, ready to be utilized be used if you need it. And because this is all located in the Admin Panel, all this info is constantly updated, so you're always seeing the most recent data available. That means you're always in the loop at the touch of a button, no matter where you are.


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