BigCommerce Customer Support

Modern Retail and BigCommerce . . . supporting you all the way!


From the time Modern Retail starts developing your site throughout the life of your e-commerce business, you’ll have all the support you need to be successful. Modern Retail’s team will provide you everything you need to get going, and we’ll teach you how to operate and manage your new site. As an added bonus, BigCommerce provides full ongoing support via phone, live chat and e-mail as well as discussion groups, e-commerce coaches and more. Need help with marketing or other value-add services, Modern Retail can help with that too!

Round the Clock Support

BigCommerce offers incredible support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year via phone, live chat and e-mail. During business hours, you can even get support  on Twitter and Facebook if that suits you better. Some companies charge a premium to talk to a live person, but you won’t find that at Modern Retail or BigCommerce because your success is our success.


Expert Information

Both Modern Retail and BigCommerce provide a wealth of documented information. Modern Retail’s Help and Resource Center includes hundreds of FAQ’s, how-to documentation, and relevant industry articles. Want to know how to improve your SEO or write an effective job description? BigCommerce’s user guides will tell you everything you need to know to have a profitable online business. Between the many resources Modern Retail and BigCommerce offer, we’ve got you covered!

Community Forum

BigCommerce offers a forum of your fellow store owners where you can share ideas, ask questions, or seek advice. Here you’ll find topics from marketing and integrations to design and social media.


E-Commerce University

BigCommerce makes it easy to learn everything you need to know about your e-commerce store with BigCommerce University. Select the topic of your choice and watch educational videos at your own pace.

It’s clear that the customer support available to you when you choose a Modern Retail developed BigCommerce website is endless. Check out Modern Retail’s Help & Resource Center or submit a support request if you have questions, ideas or comments. Want to access BigCommerce’s support, community forums, BigCommerce University or other resource? Go no further than your BigCommerce control panel. It really is that easy!