BigCommerce Shopping Features

All the features you need to keep your customers happy.


By choosing BigCommerce, you get a platform with more great features available right out of the box. When it comes to features like SEO, marketing tools, analytics, product reviews and coupons, they’re all included from the start.

Easily Organized Shopping

With BigCommerce, it’s easy for Modern Retail to create a first-rate shopping experience for your visitors. From unlimited product options, to product bundling, to advanced filtering, we’ll help you configure your products so they sell online. The best part? It’s easy for you to manage with BigCommerce’s advanced back-office tools.


Social Sharing

What better way to boost your sales than through word of mouth? Sharing through Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and other social media is easy with BigCommerce’s social sharing buttons. Increase sales by showing pricing details and availability on Pinterest with BigCommerce’s Rich Pins support. And with BigCommerce’s Social Shop, customers can browse, buy and share products directly from your Facebook page.

One Page Checkout

More sales are lost during the checkout process than anywhere else. Slow page load times, problems entering information, all it takes is one snag and the customer is gone. With BigCommerce’s one page checkout, it’s easy for customers to complete their purchase, increasing your total conversions by 21%.


Omni-Channel Shopping

Getting POS and ERP systems communicating with BigCommerce is vital in creating an omni-channel experience for you and your customers. Modern Retail loves BigCommerce’s API because it makes bridging the gap between your in-store system and BigCommerce a breeze. As pricing and inventory changes occur in your store or warehouse, they are automatically passed up to BigCommerce and shown online. Additionally, Modern Retail can help you automatically receive all BigCommerce orders directly into your POS or ERP system. With BigCommerce’s sophisticated API, both you and your customers reap the benefits of omni-channel retailing.