The platform with power.


Magento combines both a first-rate content management system and back-end “engine” in one commanding platform. When the sky is the limit, Magento can offer you a web solution with enhanced specifications and capabilities, flexible control over content and added functionality for online sales.

Robust Features

Designed for e-commerce, Magento is a powerful platform that offers loads of robust features right “out of the box”. Features such as capturing a shopper’s email address for out of stock products are a built-in feature of Magento, allowing you to offer your customers an online experience just like the biggest retailers.


Magento is an open source platform which means the website can be bent and formed to your wishes because the code is available to everyone to edit. If your store has a unique approach to selling and you want to bring that concept online, we can help you make it happen with Magento.


With one of the largest network of partners and developers, Magento Connect Marketplace has thousands of extensions to improve your customers’ online experience and make your back-office operations easier. Extensions also save you money because they let you plug-in a robust set of features without having to pay a developer to build this for you from scratch.

A Better Magento

Modern Retail knows retailers and online shopping habits because we’ve been building websites since 1998. We’ve taken this experience and poured it into Magento by making over 300 improvements to it, which we call Magento Base. We use this base when starting every new project, saving you time, money and aggravation.



It may seem odd to see WordPress together with Magento but the combination is a match made in heaven. With Magento and WordPress you can have the best of both worlds: Magento, the most powerful e-commerce platform paired with WordPress, the best content management system on the planet. Modern Retail knows how to run these side-by-side, allowing you to leverage the e-commerce strength of Magento with the content management prowess of WordPress.

Choosing a Magento platform gives you all the power and performance that you will need today and long into the future. The fastest growing open-source platform, Magento offers as much customization as you need – and we can help you select the key components for your successful e-commerce business. Whatever your needs are, we can fulfill them with Magento.