Magento Inventory CSV/XML Uploader

Make managing your store a breeze.


Developers & Agencies

Are you interested in just the integration? No worries, you can purchase our Magento Inventory CSV/XML Uploader on its own.

Modern Retail’s Inventory CSV/XML Uploader allows your Point of Sale or Enterprise Resource Planning system to share important inventory and pricing information with your Magento store, eliminating the need to enter information into two separate systems and in turn, reducing errors and the possibility of selling out-of-stock items.


Why Modern Retail?

When we say we can integrate any Point of Sale or ERP system, we mean it! We’ve completed hundreds of integrations with over a dozen systems, from the most popular choices for retailers to the most antiquated DOS system. As long as you can pull an inventory report from your POS or ERP system, we can share your product and pricing information with your Magento store.

Benefits of Modern Retail’s Integrator:

Why do twice the work if you don’t have to? We believe POS and ERP Ingration makes good sense, and here are a few reasons why.

  • Our Inventory CSV/XML Uploader makes sure that your online Pricing and Quantity on Hand (QOH) is synced up with your POS system.
  • By sharing information between your systems, you decrease the chance of overselling products.
  • Our Inventory CSV/XML Uploader allows you to manage one set of inventory for  both your brick and mortar business and your Magento store.

The bottom line is that no matter what POS or ERP system you have, Modern Retail can help you integrate your in-store system and your online business,  saving you time and improving efficiencies. Whether we develop your Magento website or you bring your current Magento website to us, our Inventory CSV/XML Uploader can make life easy.