Magento Website Design

Building powerful and inspired specialty retail websites.


At Modern Retail, we do more than design visually appealing websites. We create inspired Magento e-commerce solutions that integrate your in-store point of sale system with your online web store. Get started quickly with our Themed Magento package or choose our Customized Magento package for a website that is tailored towards your specific needs. Either way, you get a first-rate Magento website that will meet your e-commerce needs and budget.

Magento Design Packages

Themed Magento E-Commerce

Getting started with Magento E-Commerce has just become easier. Pick a design and we’ll help you get jump started with Magento rather than starting from scratch. We know which features are needed for the specialty retail market and will build your site to include them.


Customized Magento E-Commerce


If you are truly ready to explore the world of Magento, the sky is the limit when developing your site. Our designers will help you create a look that is uniquely you while our developers help you customize your site to meet your every need.

Mobile & Responsive Design

Designing for mobile devices is no longer a “nice to have” feature, it is a necessity and Modern Retail has the experience to make your mobile Magento website shine. We know how to leverage Magento and responsive designs to give your customers the ultimate shopping experience on their mobile phones and tablets. Modern Retail accomplishes this without creating an overly burdensome website for you to update and manage because who wants to spend all their time tweaking some website code or graphics when they can be focused on running their business and serving their customers?


Are you ready to get started with the fastest growing open source e-commerce platform? Talk to our Magento specialists to find out how we can help you.

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