Inventory CSV/XML Uploader


Inventory CSV/XML Uploader

$300 / Month

Integrate your POS or ERP system and e-commerce business so the two systems work as one. Available for Bigcommerce, Magento, Shopify or WooCommerce, purchase Modern Retail’s Inventory CSV/XML Uploader and start working more efficiently today.


Inventory CSV/XML Uploader

Is your Point Of Sale software communicating with your e-commerce business? We can make it happen.

We can integrate your POS or ERP software with your online store, allowing your two systems to work as one. Simply run an inventory report with your product information included and our Inventory CSV/XML Uploader will allow you to share product information between your POS or ERP system and your website so that information is updated quickly and easily.


Whether your e-commerce business has been built on a Bigcommerce, Magento, Shopify or WooCommerce platform, we can help. Our Inventory CSV/XML Uploader is designed to work with many platforms, allowing your POS or ERP system and e-commerce business to share information. If you want to make your life easier by integrating your two systems, purchase our Inventory Uploader directly.

Benefits of Modern Retail’s Integrator

Aside from making your life a whole lot easier, following are a few things that our Inventory CSV/XML Uploader can do:

  • Ensures Pricing and Quantity on Hand (QOH) from your POS systems matches your online inventory.
  • Helps reduce the possibility of overselling products.
  • Elimates the need to manage two different sets of inventory, one for your brick and mortar business and your online store.

The bottom line is that allowing your POS or ERP system to communicate with your online business saves you time, improves efficiencies and increases your customer satisfaction.

What does the set-up fee cover?

Modern Retail will work with you to create the correct report out of your POS to update you online inventory.

What does the monthly fee cover?

This fee includes access to our Store Manager portal to upload your report, ongoing support and updates. If you are experiencing a problem with your uploader at any time, submit a Support Request and we are happy to help you out.

My POS system does not have an application programming interface (API) nor does it provide any means to integrate with it. Can anything be done?

Nearly all POS systems allow you to create an “inventory report” of some sort. This report is usually a tab-separated file that can be easily imported into tools like Excel. While the contents of the file vary from POS system to POS system, they generally include fields such as:

  1. Product Name (Required)
  2. Price (Mandatory)
  3. Sale Price
  4. Description
  5. Style Name or Number
  6. UPC
  7. Unique Identifier (Required)
  8. Quantity on Hand (Mandatory)
  9. Size
  10. Color
  11. Department
  12. Brand or Vendor
  13. Other Attributes

As you can see there are a number of fields that can be included. Additionally, your specific report may have more fields than are listed here. That’s ok, we’ll try to use as many fields as possible to make your data entry easier. The Unique Identifier field (#7) is a crucial field because it helps us map your products correctly from upload to upload. While we prefer the Unique Identifier to be part of your data file, Modern Retail can often create one using a combination of various other fields in your report if absolutely necessary.

Will your uploader send orders back down to my POS and decrement inventory?

No, the Inventory CSV/XML Uploader only updates product information such as price and Quantity on Hand.

How frequently can I run the uploader?

You can run it as often as you like. Some retailers run it as soon as they get in each morning, but you can run it more frequently if you want to.

How do I update my inventory?

Modern Retail gives you access to our Store Manager portal where you can upload your inventory report with a simple click. For those who are a little more tech saavy, you can send your report automatically via  FTP.

I have a really old system. Can you really integrate with anything?

Yes, we can. In fact, we’ve integrated with a DOS-based program if you can believe it! All we need is your CSV or XML file with inventory, pricing and QOH information.

If you need help with your Inventory CSV/XML Uploader, Modern Retail is here to help. There are a couple of ways to get support. Please try our Help & Resource Center first as you will find a wealth of information available at your fingertips.

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