Shopify Marketing

Built-in marketing that gets you noticed.


Shopify recognizes that creating a great website is only half the battle. That’s why they include great marketing features for behind the scenes, think SEO and sitemaps, as well as marketing that engages your customers such as social media and product reviews. If you’re looking for additional, long-term marketing support, Modern Retail has a plan for that too.

Optimized Search Engine

Shopify is built with best SEO practices in mind for your CMS and shopping cart. You can customize your H1, title and meta tags to ensure that your content gets maximum exposure on Google, Yahoo and Bing. As an added bonus, your sitemaps.xml files are automatically generated ensuring that your new products and changes are updated on search engines quickly.


All About Analytics

Shopify offers enhanced analytics so you know how your website is doing at any point in time. With Shopify’s advanced analytics, you’ll know who your customers are, where they come from, how often they visit you and more. Additionally, Shopify automatically connects your purchases and shopping cart transactions with Google Analytics.

Discount Codes and Coupons

Entice and reward your customers with special discounts and coupons. Use Shopify’s coupon engine to create discount codes and coupons. You can specify how you want to structure your discount such as a percentage, fixed amount or free shipping. Additionally, you can set parameters on how the coupons can be used including the number of times a code can be used, specific items or during certain dates.


E-Mail Marketing

Keeping at the top of your customers’ awareness is vital to e-commerce success. Shopify keeps track of your customers’ contact information and e-mail subscriptions. Simply copy and paste the list into your favorite e-mail system, or use the MailChimp e-mail marketing app, to send your newsletter or announcements.

Social Media Integration

All Shopify sites include Social Media integration with popular sites like Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and Tumblr  to name a few. Even better, your Facebook fans can shop and purchase your products without ever having to leave FaceBook!


Additional Marketing Support

Modern Retails will set up your Google accounts such as AdWords, Analytics, Webmaster tools and more, as well as establish your site maps with Google and Bing. We recognize that some retailers have staff on hand to handle all of your marketing efforts, and for those customers, we can stop there. But for those who want a little more guidance on marketing, need help setting up additional Social Media tools or other long term assistance, we offer additional marketing services to ensure the success of your website.