Shopify Shopping Features

All the shopping features you’ll ever want and then some.


Shopify has been perfecting it’s shopping platform since its inception in 2006. With over 120,000 online stores today, Shopify is well-known for being user-friendly and providing all of the features needed to easily manage your entire e-commerce business. Between Shopify’s built-in features and available extensions, the possibilities are endless. Here are just a few of our favorites.

Easily Organized Shopping

With Shopify, it couldn’t be easier to add, list, edit and organize your site for optimal shopping with their streamlined content management system. Simply drag and drop images into place. You can organize your products by category, type, season and more. With Shopify’s smart collections, you can automatically sort your products based on vendor, price and inventory level.  What could be easier?


Live Chat

The trouble with online shopping is that when customers have questions about a product, it’s difficult to get immediate answers, resulting in lost sales. Live chat allows people to get an answer to their question in real time, without having to pick up the phone or wait for an e-mailed response. Shopify is one of the few store builders that include Live Chat as part of the standard package.

Mobile Friendly

Everyone knows how important mobile shopping is these days, and Shopify is highly regarded for having one of the most mobile-friendly stores. Your Shopify plan includes a free, built-in mobile commerce shopping cart. Shopify designs are optimized for phones and tablets, so your customers can shop on the go, from any device.


Application Programming Interface (API)

Getting POS and ERP systems communicating with Shopify is vital in creating an omni-channel experience for you and your customers. Modern Retail loves Shopify’s API because it makes bridging the gap between your in-store system and Shopify a breeze. As pricing and inventory changes occur in your store or warehouse, they are automatically passed up to Shopify and shown online. Additionally, Modern Retail can help you automatically receive all Shopify orders directly into your POS or ERP system. With Shopify’s great API, both you and your customers reap the benefits.