WooCommerce Back Office Features

Manage your back office with ease in WordPress.


WooCommerce has powerful built-in features that make managing your store a breeze.  Add to that Modern Retail’s extensive knowledge and experience in integrating Point of Sale (POS) and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems, and you have an extremely potent e-commerce system to run your online store.

Easy Administration

WordPress has been know for it’s ease of use in creating website content for over a decade and over 10 million sites have come to rely on it.  WooCommerce is an e-commerce plugin to WordPress which means you can manage everything, content and shopping, in one simple interface.  It’s so easy to use, we suspect everyone in your store will find it a joy to work with.


Products & POS Integration


Managing your online catalog has never been easier than with WooCommerce.  You can arrange the Edit Product page how you like to work by simply dragging and dropping the various data entry fields.  WooCommerce shows you at-a-glance if the product is visible on the website and how effective the SEO is on your products.  Additionally using Modern Retail’s Integrator, we can get your in-store point of sale (POS) system talking with your WooCommerce website.  Run out of inventory in-store or online?  No problem our WooCommerce Integrator will make sure your inventory is synchronized and the product is automatically removed.

Comprehensive Reporting

If you’re not measuring the performance of your website and the products that are selling, how can you truly be successful? WooCommerce offers a thorough look at your store’s performance, right in your WordPress interface. Easy to understand and beautiful to look at, WooCommerce graphs and metrics will give you the necessary insight to your overall sales, top sellers and more to plan for the future.


Shipping Options


When it comes to options for shipping, WooCommerce gives you all the options you need. Whether you’re looking for flat rate, free shipping or even international shipping, WooCommerce has you covered. Or maybe you want to integrate with a specific shipping carrier or provide table rate shipping tables for more specific shipping costs, you can do that too.

Multiple Payment Options

With WooCommerce you have multiple payment options that include not only credit cards but also a variety of other options like PayPal and Amazon payments.  However, it doesn’t stop there.  Combined with Modern Retail’s PCI /DSS Compliance, your customer’s credit card information will be safe and secure.


With WooCommerce and Modern Retail, the features that you need to manage your e-commerce business are endless. Need help determining which features are key to your business, give us a call and see how we can help.