WooCommerce Website Design

Beautifully designed websites. Great shopping built in.


When you work with Modern Retail, you get a team of design and development specialists who build thoughtfully designed websites that are integrated with your Point of Sale or Enterprise Resource Planning system. If you want to get your site up quickly and on a budget, choose our WooCommerce Themes package and you’ll be on your way. Looking for something a little more specific, choose our Customized WooCommerce package. Either way, you get a first-rate WooCommerce website that will attract and keep your customers coming back for more.

WooCommerce Design Packages

WooTheme Example

WooCommerce Themes

WooThemes has been creating great themes for WordPress since 2008. Today, you can find thousands of customizable WooCommerce themes to choose from. Pick one and we’ll get you set up so you can start entering content and product information right away. Remember, you still get WordPress’s award winning content management system, so your website will be easy to navigate and maintain without a lot of extra effort or resources.

Customized WooCommerce

Even with all of the great available themes, you might still be looking for something slightly different, something that better reflects your store’s brand. Meet with one of our designers and let us capture the essence of your store or create customized features that will enhance your store. And just like with WooCommerce Themes , you’ll still have all the great benefits of working with WordPress.


Mobile & Responsive Design

Most of the WooThemes are responsive to mobile phones and tablets, but regardless of which theme you pick, we are committed to making all Modern Retail developed websites responsive to any screen size. In today’s competitive e-commerce environment, responsive design is a must. From your homepage to product to shopping pages, we make it easy for your customers to shop your online store from any device.


If you are looking for a website that is easy to manage, reinforces your store brand, and keeps your customers coming back for me, find out how Modern Retail’s WooCommerce design and development team can help you.